Ongoing training - Advanced Level 2

advanced Level 2 - six week course

The objective of this course is to prepare dogs and handlers for more advanced training and competition in dog obedience or other disciplines. This is the last of the structure courses offered, beyond this there is coaching in specialist areas.

You now have a very obedient dog!

The test will comprise of the following disciplines

• Close heel work with Paces
• Retrieve Dumbell or Dummy or cloth
• Scent or search square
Sit stay:
• Off lead (2 minute)
Down stay:
• Off lead at distance of 10 paces (5 minutes)
• Distance Control Stand sit and down 5 paces one command per position
Send away:
• Down away from handler at marked area or bed with “A” recall to handler

These objectives represent a rough idea of the standard that you and your dog could potentially achieve. Remember dogs, like people, have personalities and skills learned, always benefit from further ongoing practice at home. However no two dogs are the same and the objectives act purely as a guide and a measure of your progress. They are entirely optional.

If you have any questions or are concerned in any way, please speak to me and I will be happy to help you.