Ongoing training - Advanced Level 1

advanced Level 1 - six week course

This group is for you if you would like to continue yours dog’s education to a more advanced level. The more training a dog has the more they want, as their brain developsand the communication channel opens wider between you the connection between you both will develop even more.
To consolidate prior learning and:
Social exercises:
Tying up - on arrival at class

Test - the test components are:
Close heel work with distractions on and off lead
Paces slow/normal/fast

Recall: (reducing verbal and physical commands)
Formal recall minimum 10 paces with present and finish

Any article (reducing commands)

Sit stay:
Off lead (2 minute)
Down stay:
Off lead at distance of 5 paces (5 minutes)

Distance Control:
Stand sit and down 3 paces one command per position
Send away:
Down away from handler at marked area or bed

Social exercises:
Tying up on arrival at class
Stand stay for examination by class mates
Sit stay while new person talks to the dog

These objectives represent a rough idea of the standard that you and your dog could potentially achieve over the next course, with practice at home. However no two dogs are the same and the objectives act purely as a guide and a measure of your progress. They are entirely optional.

If you have any questions or are concerned in any way, please speak to me and I will be happy to help you